GEW (EC) Limited designs and manufactures Arc and UV LED curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications. The company is the leading manufacturer of UV systems for label and narrow web printing, with a world-class production facility at its UK headquarters, subsidiaries in the USA & Germany, and an extensive list of worldwide distributors.

GEW also specialises in the design and installation of UV LED systems and introduced its latest UV LED product, LeoLED, in 2019. Representing the next generation for UV LED curing, LeoLED is compatible with GEW’s renowned ArcLED hybrid system. The technology has been redesigned and refined for simplicity to bring UV LED within affordable reach for all, while at the same time delivering maximum power and UV dose.

UV LED curing systems

These products use ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs) as the primary light source. Tens or even hundreds of UV LEDs are built onto GEW’s highly specialised circuit boards – named LED modules. Multiple LED modules are mounted together to create a light array which can vary from 15cm to 250cm in length. GEW offers different UV LED product form factors, power levels and wavelength ranges to satisfy many different application requirements.

UV lamp curing systems

These products use medium pressure Mercury vapour lamps as the UV light source. Depending on power level, length of lamp and form factor required, GEW have various lamp systems with different cooling methods to meet a vast array of UV irradiation applications.

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Excimer systems

GEW excimer lamps produce vacuum ultraviolet radiation for a range of applications and can be seamlessly integrated onto machinery up to 2.3m wide.

GEW’s excimer lamp systems (EXC lamps) utilise dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) lamps to produce quasi-monochromatic vacuum ultraviolet radiation, typically at 172nm. This radiation is commonly used for mattification of surface coatings, modification of surface tension for improved adhesion or surface cleaning for semiconductor and medical industries. EXC lamp systems produce vacuum ultraviolet radiation for various applications and can be easily integrated onto machinery up to 2.3m wide

UV lab units
GEW designs and manufactures UV laboratory equipment for use in research & development and press room facilities. LED and mercury arc lamp variants are available immediately from stock while custom laboratory units can be manufactured to meet a wide range of requirements using any combination of GEW’s production UV systems.


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