With the MS 200.LCD, you can process hotmelt adhesives in all common shapes of 43 mm sticks, granules and pillows. For this purpose, the MS 200.LCD only requires a power connection and is ready for gluing in just a few minutes thanks to its powerful heating system. Thanks to the electronic temperature control, it processes hot-melt very gently and keeps it exactly at temperature.

This is why the upgrade from the MS 200.2 or MS 200.E is worthwhile for your customers:

• LCD temperature display with convenient setting option

• Precise temperature control for consistent gluing results

• Temperature range from 30 - 205°C for versatile applications

• Fast and convenient comfort locking, as well as improved lid for even more comfortable work

• 3.5m cable offers a wide action radius

• On/off rocker switch for even more safety

• Also for temperature-sensitive adhesives or substrates and particularly rough working environments