Mesa™ Adhesive Melters – 4, 6, 9, 14-liter melters

Product Description
Taking the best components from DuraBlue®, Bravura™ and
Series 3000 melters, Mesa melters deliver traditional Nordson
durability and reliability, while offering limited melter control
features and options. Mesa melters were developed to
provide customers who do not want or need all of the
standard features available on ProBlue® melters with
a mid-tier melter option. Mesa 4, 6, 9 and 14-liter
melters are built on the same platform as the
Series 3100, 3400, 3500, 3700 and Bravura
melters, respectively. Additionally, a low-profile
transformer option is available for some Mesa
melters. The transformer is positioned underneath the
melter and allows the units to be supplied with 400 and 480 Delta voltage.

Primary Features
 Easy-to-use controls
 Standard output (14:1) SP dual-acting piston pump. A choice of standard output, high
output (21:1) and single acting (10:1) pumps are available on the 14-liter melter.
 Non-voltage specific; voltage plugs provided in ship-with kit
 Non-language specific; language tags provided in ship-with kit
 Non-language specific Users Guide
 Individual zone temperature control
 Global system temperature standby
 7-day clock
 Administrator operator panel lockout
 Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature readout
 Programmable over-temperature protection
 Programmable ready/delay period
 Three standard contacts for system ready, warning and fault (I/O)
 400V and 480 V Delta models (3 phase w/o neutral)
• 400/480V Delta operation without the need for a remotely mounted transformer.
• Allows the use of standard 230-volt RTD hoses and guns
• 2 hose and gun configuration has a single 1.5 kVA step-down transformer in the
transformer chassis while the 4 hose and gun configuration has two 1.5 kVA stepdown
transformers connected in parallel for a total of 3 kVA
• Input voltage is selected by using a voltage plug on the driver board