Freedom Melter  

•  Minimize char with tankless design 
•  Melts only the adhesive you need 
•  Closed system with automatic filling keeps out dirt and debris
•  Mounts almost anywhere and allows controls to be placed at
   eye level
•  Melts and delivers adhesive in up to 70% less time

Optix™ Touch Screen Controls   

•  Reduces need for skilled operators
•  Minimizes troubleshooting and downtime
•  Simple, text diagnostics, alerts, and fault warnings
•  Multiple language options
•  Component identification provides part numbers, location and
    installation dates
•  Up to 50% adhesive savings with integrated pattern control
   and EcoBead™ dispensing

 Freedom Hoses and Applicator  

•  Energy saving hoses with mounts for easy routing 
•  Industry-best applicator service life
•  EcoBead intermittent pattern dispensing capability
•  Self-cleaning applicators dissipate nozzle debris
•  Minimize clogging, downtime, labor and parts costs
•  Insulated covers reduce energy use up to 38% 

Freedom-Certified Adhesive

•  Developed to optimize Freedom System performance
•  Improved density reduces consumption compared to standard
•  Shape promotes easy fill system-to-melter transfer without
•  Superior bonding reduces use and waste
•  Excellent tack and bond strength lets you use one adhesive for
    multiple applications and substrates