Автоматични пневнатични пистолети - безконтактно спрейване

AltaSpray™ Applicators

Пистолетите от серията AltaSpray осигуряват гъвкавост при нанасянето на термостопяеми лепила. Опростения дизайн на системата позволяват използването им с  апликатори от сериите AltaBlue™ и AltaBlue TT.

  • Намалени заходи за първоначална инвестиция при предобиване
  • Използват универсални модули за множество приложения
  • Осигуряват постоянно нанасяне на слоя с използване на по-малко енергия и подобрена топлинна ефективност
  • Подобрено постоянно качество на нанасяния слой посредством намаления въздух за завихряне

Control Coat Applicators

Control Coat applicators produce a fine fiber spray. Hot melt adhesive is extruded between two nozzle halves where process air stretches the adhesive, forming a uniform fine-fiber coating. Sometimes referred to as non-contact slot coating, Control Coat applicators provide excellent edge control and pattern definition.

  • Produce highly dense, uniform patterns for maximum coverage, or open patterns for permeability. 
  • Maintain edge control within 3 mm of critical edges at line speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute (300 mpm). 
  • Reduce heat distortion or strike-through on extremely thin, thermally fragile substrates.


Universal™ Applicators

Universal applicators provide flexibility in a compact size using a single-platform design that helps customers reduce inventory and maintenance costs. Applicators are compatible with all Universal modules and CF®200 nozzles.

  • Gain flexibility in meeting production requirements and enhancing product performance using interchangeable modules and nozzles.
  • Improve pattern stability and web-routing options with reduced air turbulence of angled manifold.
  • Eliminate air-chamber adhesive contamination when changing or servicing modules due to AirGuard™ separator.
  • Achieve accurate cross-web patterns with better thermal uniformity from insulated covers and compact size.
  • Produce consistent patterns using less power consumption with improved heating efficiency of thin-film integrated air heater.
  • Optimize elastic-strand coverage using high-speed Universal Speed-Coat modules with snuff-back control and SureWrap nozzles.
  • Reduce cost of ownership and improve service life with rebuildable components.

Universal™ Speed-Coat® Applicators

Universal Speed-Coat applicators enhance hot melt adhesive pattern precision in demanding, high-speed intermittent applications. An integrated high-speed module improves pattern performance with improved thermal uniformity. Patented Universal nozzle clamping mechanism provides compatibility with CF®, Summit™ , SureWrap™ , and Control Coat® spray nozzles; and MiniBead and Saturn® bead nozzles.

  • Achieve consistent patterns using built-in module that improves thermal uniformity of nozzle temperature and correlation with application setpoint temperature.
  • Enhance heating efficiency and reduce power consumption with integrated process air heater that uses a thin-film flow design.
  • Maximize intermittent performance with cycle rates up to 9,000 cycles per minute with high-speed, long-life module.
  • Achieve sharp cutoff of leading and trailing pattern edges with retract-on-close feature.
  • Improve serviceability and minimize production downtime with quick-change sensors, filters and heaters.


PatternJet™ Hot Melt Dispensing Guns

Easily integrated into most packaging lines, these versatile hot melt guns maximize application flexibility and deliver sharp cut-off in high-speed lines. The PatternJet gun’s flexible design speeds product changeovers.

PatternJet guns deliver:

  • Precise, consistent patterns to reduce adhesive waste and angel hair
  • Fast response times with integrated module and applicator body
  • Custom configuration with contact or non-contact nozzles

PatternJet guns feature:

  • Quick change RTD and heater assemblies to speed maintenance
  • Easier nozzle and filter replacement to improve safety and reduce downtime
  • Snuff-back actuators to support increased line speeds
  • Precision nozzles that apply the same amount of adhesive each application

PatternJet™ Plus Hot Melt Dispensing Applicators

PatternJet applicators deliver precise, consistent adhesive placement and clean cut-off in high-speed, intermittent spray applications, leading to cost savings through less adhesive waste, cleaner operations, and less maintenance. These versatile hot melt applicators also feature a flexible design that allows for custom configuration and speeds changeovers for cost-efficient production flexibility.
PatternJet Plus applicators feature:

  • Exceptionally clean, precise and consistent patterns to reduce adhesive waste and adhesive stringing
  • Fast response times with integrated module and applicator body
  • Reduced maintenance due to clean, precise adhesive control between patterns
  • Numerous spray processes to meet individual product needs and maximize productivity
  • Quick-change cordsets with integral heater and sensor to minimize downtime
  • Easier nozzle and filter replacement to improve safety and reduce downtime
  • Snuff-back actuators to support increased line speeds and clean pattern cutoff for improved product quality and reduced maintenance
  • Precision nozzles that apply the same amount of adhesive each application for cost-efficient, clean operation

Wide Web Spray Lamination Applicator

Wide Web Spray lamination applicators provide exceptional control of hot melt adhesive fiber deposition with low add-on rates. Controlled adhesive fiber deposition in a cross-web direction improves bond performance.

  • Produce high-loft tissue and towels with softness of hand and no visible adhesive residue.
  • Increase bond strength and prevent substrate distortion with superior control of adhesive fiber size, density and pattern width. 
  • Reduce adhesive consumption and improve product appearance with add-on rates as low as 1 gram per square meter at over 650 mpm.
  • Minimize adhesive waste with edge control within ±2 mm without overspray.
  • Gain pattern flexibility with adhesive fiber sizes ranging from 50 to 100 microns.
  • Produce low-density large-fiber patterns for maximum bond strength, open patterns for absorbency, or highly dense fine-fiber patterns for heat-sensitive substrates.
  • Choose from nozzles in full- and partial-width designs, providing a high degree of pattern-width resolution.
  • Choose from many nozzles designs.