Аксесоари и консумативи

Маркучи - Advanced Technology Hot Melt Hoses

Nordson RTD and TC hot melt hoses operate safely with the proven durability and performance that reduce costs and downtime. Designs include RTD-style hoses for Nordson melters and TC-style hoses for MX melters. Automatic and manual versions are available, including waterwash hoses and high-flex hoses for robotic and articulated operations.

  • Provide safer operation with two separate ground paths.
  • Protect system components with aramid insulation that improves chemical and moisture resistance.
  • Reduce replacement costs with four layers of overlapped aramid insulation that increases thermal efficiency and retains hose flexibility.
  • Receive controlled startup and consistent flow rates with efficient and uniform heat transfer.
  • Eliminate temperature control calibration at installation with hose components that are precision wound and calibrated.
  • Reduce the possibility of high-impedance faults with dedicated low-resistance ground.
  • Choose from a variety of accessories, including brackets, in-line filters, fittings, hoses protectors and suspension support.

Електромагнитни клапани - Saturn® Solenoid Valves

Saturn solenoid valves are designed specifically for Nordson pneumatic hot melt adhesive dispensing guns. These balanced 3- and 4-way piloted valves deliver maximum shifting force in both directions and provide resistance-free shifting, increased reliability and more consistent response times.

  • Simplify replacement using color-coded rings identify air flow and voltage.
  • Provides superior adhesive delivery with air flows of 1.0 Cv and 1.5 Cv (compared to 0.18 Cv for similar valves), resulting in improved cutoff.
  • Maximize Nordson pneumatic gun performance, service life and uptime.
  • Withstand temperatures up to 93º C (200º F) using high-temperature seals and components.
  • Use for multi-module and independent air configurations.
  •  Operate at speeds up to 4,000 cycles per minute.

Direct-Operated Valves

  • Meet high-speed requirements with high-wattage coils and quick response.
  • Extend service life with environmentally tough design.


Precision nozzles

Precision nozzles provide superior pattern placement to maximize product quality and reduce rejects. Flow accuracy and consistency increase control and reduce adhesive usage.

  • Reduce rejects with bead placement accuracy within ±4 degrees from centerline and close tolerance machining.
  • Gain long-term adhesive savings and dependable bond quality. 
  • Get consistent performance from nozzle to nozzle through precision manufacturing and quality control.
  • Reliably dispense vertically and through rails.

Saturn® Precison Nozzles

Saturn nozzles feature color-coded rings that indicate the orifice and engagement, allowing you to select the correct replacement nozzle every time. Dual rings are your assurance of genuine Nordson quality and performance.

  • Simplify nozzle replacement and reduce downtime.
  • Improve productivity with correctly matched orifice diameter and engagement to control adhesive flow rate and bead cutoff.
  • Reduce rejects with bead placement accuracy within ±4 degrees from centerline and close tolerance machining.
  • Gain long-term adhesive savings and dependable bond quality.
  • Get consistent performance from nozzle to nozzle through precision manufacturing and quality control.
  • Select Saturn nozzles to replace 237 series nozzles used on H-200, H-400 and E-350 series modules.


In-Line Filter

Non-heated and heated in-line filters inserted between the hose and gun trap char and contaminants that can cause nozzle clogging and affect bonding performance.

  • Use non-heated filters with low-to-medium viscosity packaging-grade hot melt adhesives.
  • Use heated filters with high-viscosity hot melt adhesives over 10,000 centipoise to balance temperature swings via independent heat and temperature control.
  • Choose from straight, 45-degree and 90-degree configurations.
  • Maximize filtration with a variety of mesh sizes to match application requirements.
  • Reduce service time for removal and cleaning with readily accessible assembly.

Saturn® In-Line Filter

Installed between the hose and gun, Saturn in-line filters trap contaminants that can affect pattern and bond performance. Filters are available in straight, 45- and 90-degree configurations to accommodate installation and accessibility. Rings are your assurance of genuine Nordson quality and performance.

  • Replace filter without disconnecting the hose and gun.
  • Facilitate maintenance and reduce unscheduled downtime with easy access.

Изолация за филтри и пистолети - Gun and Filter Jackets

Saturn® filter jackets and pneumatic gun jackets improve the performance of your Nordson Saturn in-line filters and Nordson dispensing guns.

Installed as covers over your Saturn in-line filters the jackets feature a special insulation and covering that will withstand the high temperatures of your hot melt dispensing operation.  Stainless steel hook-and-loop closures provide secure attachment while the specially fitted jackets allow easy verification and replacement of color-coded filter elements.
Saturn filter jackets:

  • Allow more immediate adhesive flow following periods of inactivity.
  • Maintain adhesive quality by preventing adhesive heating
    and cooling.
  • Reduce the instance of cold spots for more reliable operation.

Pneumatic Gun Jackets insulate and protect guns and operators while maintaining adhesive integrity.
The jackets fit Nordson ClassicBlue™, SolidBlue™ and SureBead® single-module dispensing guns (both air open/air close and air open/spring close versions).
Gun jackets feature the same insulation and stainless steel hook-and-loop closures as Saturn filter jackets.
Pneumatic gun jackets:

  • Improve performance of pneumatic guns by insulating and minimizing the temperature differential between gun and ambient air.
  • Minimize the potential for operators to contact hot gun surfaces.
  • Protect gun exteriors from char and adhesive stringing, reducing maintenance.
  • Reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%.

Въздух регулираща група

Process Air Control Kit

The process air control kit is used with non-contact hot melt adhesive spray applicators to manage process air relative to machine line speed. Efficient control of process air during machine startup, shutdown and speed changes improves spray pattern consistency and nozzle performance.

  • Enhances reliability of most non-contact spray applications.
  • Improves adhesive add-on control in applications where bond quality is critical.
  • Compensates for pressure fluctuations that can negatively affect pattern consistency.
  • Reduces nozzle contamination caused by line speed changes.
  • Provides reliable operation and longer service life by removing particulate, oil and moisture.
  • Simplifies setup with compact size, easy-to-use controls and detailed calibration instructions.

Filter-Regulator-Manifold Assembly Kit

The Filter-Regulator-Manifold (FRM) assembly kit contains all of the parts required to supply the correct volumes of factory air to Nordson piston pump adhesive melters and pneumatic dispensing guns.

  • Simplify adhesive melter and pneumatic gun installation and setup
  • Install quickly and easily with Teflon®-coated threads
  • Optimize melter and gun performance with accurate airflow rates, improving product quality and reducing product rejects
  • Allow installation of up to four solenoids