Задвижващи механизми

Nordson’s automatic powder coating guns makes powder application more efficient and cost effective. 

Хоризонтално задвижване

The Nordson Horizontal Belt Driven In/Out Positioner is designed to position guns at a fixed distance from the part as well as move in and out for contouring during powder spray application. Also, the horizontal positioner moves guns in and out during the color change sequence for quick color change systems for automatic internal purge cleaning of the powder delivery system and external cleaning of the gun body.

  • Infinite positioning – for virtually any position within total stroke length
  • Contouring ability – for applications requiring precision part contouring
  • Precision belt drive – for precise positioning
  • Sealed mechanism – shields moving parts from powder and dirt

Nordson Oscillator

Nordson Oscillator combines high load capacity, energy efficiency, extended life, and improved productivity in automated powder coating applications.The Nordson oscillator for automated powder coating operations is a 450 mm (18 in) stroke oscillator that covers a broad range of powder coating applications. It provides a payload capacity of 80 kg (176 lbs) and a maximum stroke speed of 40 cycles per minute. These two features combined translate into 16 gun capacity and higher line speeds. As a result, manufacturers benefit from higher performance and maximum productivity on their powder coating line. 

Features and Benefits

Simple design for easy operation and maintenance
16-gun capacity is ideal for heavy payloads
450 mm (18″) maximum stroke covers a complete range of application requirements
Pneumatic counter-balance mechanism provides energy efficiency and extended life of all moving parts
On-board or remote VFD provides easy speed adjustment
Plug-and-play connections for easy installation and start-up

Reciprocator Gun Mover

Reciprocator Gun MoverNordson reciprocators combine mechanical excellence with superior smooth operation for a consistent painting operation. Powered by an AC motor and toothed belt transmission, they are available in four stroke length sizes and with a range of accessories and controls, imparting consistent and reliable levels of automation. Optimum column design accomodates close gun configurations for uncomplicated installation and the perfect spray pattern.

 Adjustable counterbalance weights allow perfectly balanced gun movement.Features & Benefits: [Gun Bar and Clamp Arrangement from Nordson]Superior weight capacity (80 Kg) and travel speed (10 to 50 m/min).
Four stroke length sizes 1.7m, 2.2m, 2.7m and 3.2m. 
Slim column design for space saving side by side gun installation.
Minimum gun spacing of 273mm for accurate lap pattern set up.
In-built safety features such as end of stroke sensors and incremental encoders.
Suitable for short or long stroke gun movement.
Icon based touch screen controls for easy operator acceptance and training.
Flexible control modes allow dynamic product profilling or lancing.
Gun mover controls integrated with our pioneering iControl® package.
Suitable for short-stroke (oscillator) & up/down positioner
ATEX Approved
Easily retro-fittable and suitable for upgrades

Users can also benefit from a full range of accessories, including gun clamps and gun support bars, and motorised in/out positioners to ensure optimum gun to part distance.