Прахов център

Nordson offers various feed centers to accommodate the delivery of powder in automatic and manual gun systems.

Prodigy® Powder Port

The Prodigy HDLV® (high-density powder, low-velocity air) spray system is an integrated solution for precision
powder coating. The combination of the Prodigy spray gun and controller and the Prodigy HDLV pump provides for higher transfer efficiency, higher powder output, and ultra-fast color change.

As part of that system, the Prodigy Powder Port®  is designed for use with HDLV technology, providing a revolutionary approach to powder circulation.  It provides a separate prep area for service of next/last color with controls that are easy to operate.  In addition, the Prodigy Powder Port incorporates a unique pick-up tube
design for quick purge and easy cleaning.


Related Products

Prodigy® II Automatic Powder Coating Gun
Powder coating redefined in an automatic gun with HDLV® (high density, low velocity) technology for dense phase powder transport and precision dispensing.
ColorMax® 3 Powder Coating System
The Nordson ColorMax® engineered powder coating and recovery system delivers quick 10 to 15 minute color changes with high system efficiency, optimum airflow and maximum powder utilization to meet lean manufacturing system environments.

Prodigy® Generation II HDLV® Pumps
Prodigy HDLV powder coating pumps use dense-phase technology with high-density powder, low-velocity air to propel more powder with less compressed air.
iControl® Integrated Control System
Integrated automatic gun control system with closed-loop digital flow for consistent, repeatable coating performance.

Spectrum® Powder Feed Center

Nordson’s Spectrum II Powder Feed Center provides all the features and benefits previously available with the Spectrum I Powder Feed Center – and even more.

Features and benefits include :

  • Air cylinder for smooth travel of up/down lance positioning
  • Simple and durable pump locking device for reliable and repeatable positioning of the delivery pumps
  • Easy to operate touch screen controls
  • Dedicated fan/filter section for containment of powder during operation and color change
  • In-Line Pump for optimized powder flow
  • Easy to clean 15” vibratory sieve (with optional ultrasonics) for effective elimination of contaminants, improved finish, and material cost savings
  • One piece lance for faster and easier cleaning during color change – without cross contamination
  • Integrated light fixture for optimum visibility during color change
  • Level sensor for consistent powder feed level in the hopper
  • Vibratory table and local fluidization for consistent and repeatable powder delivery from boxes

Encore™ Powder Feed Center

Encore™ Powder Feed CenterFast color change in a simple, compact and easy-to-operate feed centerNordson’s Encore Feed Center combines all the features and benefits available in fast color change system feed centers with easy operation – and even more.

Features & Benefits

Compact design for smaller system footprint
Simple and readily accessible controls for ease of operation
High pressure purge for contamination-free color change
Accommodates plastic square hopper, plastic rectangular hopper and powder box (includes vibratory table and local fluidizing options)
Allows for both reclaim and virgin powder supplies
Sieve location assures no adverse effect on cyclone efficiency as well as single point cleaning
Open sieve design makes for easy visual inspection
Ultrasonics available for further optimization of finish quality