Nordson® heated airless and air spray systems utilize the Nordson® Model NH-4 fluid heater to reduce the viscosity of coating materials and increase operating efficiency without adding solvents.The NH-4 heater is an electrically operated, explosion proof, high-pressure fluid filter. It consists of an electrical enclosure and high-pressure fluid passage body. It is available in twin-passage and stainless-steel models for high viscosity coatings, high flow applications or corrosive materials. It can be wall- or dolly-mounted based on application requirements.

Simple design makes temperature setting and monitoring easy
Multiple heaters can be installed for increased heating/flow capacity
Minimizes pressure loss in high flow/high viscosity applications
High-temperature limiter and explosion-proof design provide safe operation; heater components are designed for easy installation and field repair
High-fluid velocity and low-watt density provide consistent heating

StediTherm™ Fluid Heaters

Trouble-free processing of especially high-viscosity coatings.StediTherm fluid heaters for processing highly viscous materials that must be heated before application. The fluid heater is explosion-proof, and all wetted components are made of stainless steel. The heat exchanger can be easily separated from the metering unit for easy maintenance or repair.

Features & Benefits

Process highly viscous materials that must be heated before application.
Explosion-proof design provides added safety.
Heat exchanger is easily removed for easy maintenance.