EB Series

The EB 60 Flex edge banding applicator delivers accurate, consistent hot melt adhesive application to the band or the board/panel for edge banding applications. “Edge-ondemand” technology and volume compensation
eliminate excess air or adhesive from being expelled during coating width changes, meaning even the first panel produced is saleable. Manufacturers save material costs, decrease setup and maintenance time, and improve product quality.

Precise control of adhesive application allows use of only the amount of adhesive necessary for the optimum bond without the need for over application and subsequent clean-up. EB 60 Flex applicators provide flexibility both in the adhesives you can use and the panel shapes that can be supported. Hot melt adhesives can include ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), polyolefins and reactive polyurethanes (PUR). And, the ability to apply adhesive directly to the band – soft forming – means you are not limited to shapes with flat surfaces or edges.
A motorized version uses a motor to adjust the nozzle width based on input from a touch-screen control panel.
The manual adjust version relies on a hand wheel for nozzle width adjustment.