CT Series

CT 4400 Series Coaters

The CT 4400 series coaters feature a cantilevered design for easy operation.

  • Apply coating widths up to 380 mm (15 in.).
  • View and control system operation from functional operator panel.
  • Produce quality products with separately driven laminating station, retractable coating applicator and web edge guide.

CT 5500 Series Coaters

The CT 5500 series coaters accommodate slot, spray and wheel hot melt adhesive delivery.

  • Apply coating widths up to 400 to 800 mm (16 to 32 in.).
  • Achieve pattern precision with micrometer adjustment of  applicator.

Maintain moderate web tension and control during unwinding and rewinding.

CT 6000 Series Coaters

CT 6000 series coaters can be combined with UV curing systems or a combination of separate laminating and winding stations.

  • Apply coating widths up to 4000 mm (157 in.).
  • Simplify operation with functional control panel mounted  on a retractable frame.
  • Customize production with versatile laminating and rewinding stations, UV curing capability and a broad selection of coating applicators.