Bulk Delivery Systems

Cobalt™ Series Dispensing Systems

Cobalt SM Series
Shot Metering Technology

  • Patent-pending shot metering technology effectively handles difficult-to-process materials such as low-density or highly-abrasive formulations.
  • Continuous dispensing helps increase production rates.
  • System utilizes easy-access, operator-friendly controls.
  • Cobalt SM systems are designed to process special-need materials such as lightweight products seen in transportation applications, such as aerospace.

The Nordson Cobalt family delivers precision metering and dispensing of a wide variety of bulk-fed single and multi-component materials. The use of bulk materials can provide more than 20% cost savings depending on volume usage.

Cobalt GR series feature precision gear pumps and versions are available for bulk dispensing from 55-gallon/200-liter drums and 5-gallon/20-liter pails as well as metering stands.  Cobalt SM series feature Nordson AccuDrop shot dispensers for delivering filled materials not compatible with gear pumps.
Cobalt systems offer simple operation with precise dispense rate controls and easily-adjusted mix ratio for multi-component applications.  And, the system can be configured for high-, medium-, or low-viscosity adhesives or sealants.
The Cobalt based systems feature Nordson TAH™ static mixing options and dispensing via manual/handgun or automatic/robotic means.  These systems offer a small floor footprint for easy integration into existing operations.

Cobalt GR Series
Gear Metering Technology

  • Positive-displacement gear metering eliminates “wink” inherent in piston pump systems, delivering a consistent blend of components. Independent control allows optimization of mix ratio for multi-component applications.
  • Gear pump designs require less maintenance than piston pump systems.
  • Control choices are sophisticated:  intuitive PLC with touch-screen interface or simple, low-cost solid state controls.
  • Cobalt GR systems support a wide range of assembly applications including window, solar or headlamp manufacturing processes.

Rhino® Bulk Unloaders (Ambient)

Rhino bulk unloaders dispense high-viscosity, ambient-temperature adhesives and sealants for a variety of manufacturing applications. Durable design provides superior flow properties and maximum operating time.

  • Choose from 20- and 200-liter (5- and 55-gal) unloaders that are factory assembled for fast installation with ready-to-operate air management and logic components.
  • Accommodate changing application requirements with interchangeable air motors, pumps and follower plates.
  • Improve efficiency with large internal passages that minimize flow resistance and material shearing to maintain consistent material viscosity with less degradation.
  • Select a wide range of options to customize performance.