Автоматични системи за прахово боядисване

Nordson’s automatic powder coating guns makes powder application more efficient and cost effective. 

Encore® HD Automatic Powder Coating Guns

Encore® HD Automatic Powder Coating GunsHDLV® (High-Density, Low-Velocity) Technology for Repeatable, High Deposition Rate, Highly Efficient Powder ApplicationThe Encore HD Automatic Powder Spray Guns from Nordson – the third, and most advanced, generation dense-phase powder spray guns – incorporate a proprietary, integral HDLV module* for the most versatile and efficient performance capability available today.

Designed specifically to work with Nordson HDLV pump technology, the unique and innovative Encore HD gun design allows easy adjustment of the powder concentration and spray velocity to achieve optimum coating coverage and cured finish quality for every conceivable part type. From a highly dense phase spray to a more diluted (powder and air) mixture, and everywhere in between. The pump and gun also provide exceptionally fast, contamination-free color change.

Features & Benefits

Highly uniform powder spray patterns
The ability to increase or decrease spray velocity when required
Takes advantage of existing HDLV pump and Color-On-Demand instant color change systems
A wide range of nozzles to meet any application need, including commonality with the Encore gun family
Easy serviceability for reduced maintenance and downtime
Advanced, engineered materials allow faster internal and external cleaning during color change

Encore® Automatic Powder Spray Gun

Encore® Automatic Powder Spray GunLightweight, compact gun provides 100 kV and the highest transfer efficiency available for venturi-based coating systems.Designed for use with the Nordson iControl® integrated control system, the Encore automatic gun is one of the lightest and most compact powder application tools in the industry. In addition, at 100 kV, it provides the highest transfer efficiency available today for venturi-based coating systems.

With the Encore automatic gun and Select Charge® technology, finishers can achieve superior coating coverage and efficiency. The gun provides an air-purge cleanable design for fast, easy cleaning, without gun disassembly, a requirement today for quick color change powder coating applications.

Features and Benefits

Automatic Feedback Current control delivers higher, more consistent, transfer efficiency
Integral-power-supply is designed to deliver optimal voltage – 100 kV – for automatic applications
Compact, lightweight for ease of operation.
Superior Faraday-cage penetration and recoating capability to accommodate a wide range of coating requirements
Specially engineered materials used in powder-contact parts minimize wear and impact fusion.
Easy access powder pathway design makes routine cleaning and maintenance fast and uncomplicated.
Largest selection of nozzle choices available in the industry.
Optional ion collector is available which, in select applications, can improve the smoothness and appearance of cured powders
Tube mount and bar mount configurations available for added versatility.

Tribomatic® Wand for Powder Coating Operations

The Tribomatic® wand delivers the benefits of powder coating technology to manufacturers of pipes, poles, cylinders and other products where internal surfaces of tubular, elongated parts needs to be effectively powder coated.

In operation, the Tribomatic powder coating wand is placed through the part to be coated, then triggered on as the gun is retracted from the part. A centering device is available to keep the gun centered in the part.
The innovative gun design and variety of spray nozzles accommodates tubular products with internal diameters from one inch to 3.5 feet. For operator convenience, the wand is equipped with a hand-held remote trigger.