Cross-Cut nozzles produce greater atomizing energy at a given fluid pressure, compared to conventional airless spray nozzles.
Excellent atomization is achieved at reduced fluid pressure, resulting in a softer, low-velocity spray that helps minimize dripping, material waste and equipment wear for maximum coating efficiency and material utilization.

Nordson Cross-Cut nozzles produce significantly wider fan patterns (up to 28 inches) than conventional airless nozzles
Cross-Cut nozzle design is inherently less prone to plugging
Cross-Cut nozzles atomize materials at lower pressures which produces a softer, more controllable spray with minimal overspray and bounceback
When Cross-Cut nozzles begin to wear, both flow rate and fan pattern width increase together and film thickness remains nearly constant
Finer atomization provides a higher quality airless finish than is possible with standard nozzles
Softer spray pattern substantially improves airless electrostatic efficiency and wrap
Cross-Cut nozzles require no additional regulators to adjust

Филтри високо налягане

Available in single and dual versions, Nordson® high-pressure filters prevent nozzle clogging in a variety of fluid delivery applications.The filters use reinforced screens to provide longer service life and extend time between cleanings. Nordson filters are shipped with a .006 inch screen, but a wide range of screen sizes is available to accommodate changing production needs.

Check valves in dual-filter design facilitate cleaning with minimal downtime
Standard filters require no o-rings, minimizing maintenance and repair costs
Reinforced screens provide longer life
Drain valves facilitate cleaning and routine maintenance
Single filter brace can be used as a mounting bracket during installation 

Клапани за смяна на цвят A7A

Nordson Model A7A color-change valves deliver fast and reliable color-change performance for improved productivity and maximum operating efficiency. They respond to pneumatic signals and feature a carbide ball and seat for positive shut-off and long service life when used in abrasive coating applications.A7A valves can be used with custom-designed manifolds or are available in standard Nordson color-change manifold configurations for non-circulating systems.

Standard high-pressure valve to prevent material from entering the valve for contamination protection
Quick and simple retrofit provides fast color change and production efficiency
Air-actuated valves promote safe operation with no ignition risk
Modular stacking manifold allows for future expansion of additional colors