НОВО ОТ NORDSON – PureFlow™ Hoses with RediFlex™ II Mounts

PureFlow hoses were created as part of Nordson’s ongoing technology development initiative for customers who require high quality performance from their hoses. Specifically, these hoses are designed to prevent adhesive degradation in hot melt systems.

Combined with our tankless systems and SureBead® anti-clog module technology, this premium hose offering completes the system package offering customers the lowest total cost of ownership by minimizing product waste downtime caused by adhesive and heated fluid degradation.

In addition, PureFlow hoses are expected to have at least double the life compared to standard Nordson hoses in situations where hoses are replaced routinely due to degradation or curing. Nordson’s proprietary PureFlow technology keeps fluid and adhesive virtually flawless.
The initial PureFlow hoses incorporate the RediFlex II mounting system, just like their Blue Series counterparts. As other PureFlow hoses are created, they will have features in common with their standard counterparts