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MiniBlue® Hot Melt Dispensing Guns

Mini Blue II hot melt adhesive applicators provide the longest life, less maintenance and reduced downtime in packaging operations.

The ball-and-seat design features a patented hydraulic seal for longer life without leakage. Packaging grade adhesives can be applied at cycle rates of 2 ms using the MinBlue II applicator and a Nordson Saturn Platinum (SP) high-speed solenoid valve.
MiniBlue II modules use standard Saturn® nozzles and are backward compatible with previous generation MiniBlue applicators.
MiniBlue reduced-cavity hot melt applicators provide exceptional adhesive cut off and virtually eliminate waste associated with adhesive stringing.  Packagers benefit from clean bonding and sealing and minimal maintenance and clean up.

MiniBlue II ball-and-seat and MiniBlue reduced-cavity applicators are ideal for applications with close compression sections and limited parent machinery space.  Applicators are available in slim body 18 mm (0.71 in) and standard body sizes. 
  • Deliver fast (2ms) cycle times and superior high-speed performance
  • Integrated filters capture contaminants and reduce nozzle clogs.
  • Insulating covers reduce energy use up to 50 percent; maintain temperature for better adhesive flow, cut off and bonding.
  • Available in reduced cavity and ball and seat configurations.