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PermaFlo® Series

PermaFlo® Series

PermaFlo® Series

Nordson PermaFlo® Series pumps are designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of pumping today’s more abrasive, higher solids coatings. Their modular design, wear-resistant coating and other proven features meet a wide range of pressure and volume requirements, and assure long service life and low maintenance costs.Plungers and housings of the PermaFlo pumps feature a ScoreGuard® wear-resistant coating that provides superior performance and toughness over other coatings used in wear applications.

The heavy-duty design features and  construction of the PermaFlo pumps facilitate maintenance and minimize associated costs. The quick-disconnect feature between the air motor and hydraulic section, and adjustable upper packings assure easy access to the end-user for longer service life and less

Quick-disconnect design of air motor and hydraulic section minimizes maintenance
Adjustable upper packings give control to user to minimize downtime and ensure longer life
Air motor and pressure and siphon ball checks produces substantially less pressure pulsation (pump wink)
All stainless steel wetted parts construction accommodates a wide range of coating applications 
PermaFlo pump muffler design meets OSHA requirements for safe operation without hearing protection

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