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ColorMax® 3 Powder Coating System

ColorMax® 3 Powder Coating System
The Nordson ColorMax® engineered powder coating and recovery system delivers quick 10 to 15 minute color changes with high system efficiency, optimum airflow and maximum powder utilization to meet lean manufacturing system environments.
The Nordson ColorMax® 3 powder coating system’s modular design provides several work heights for changing lean production schedules.
For the best in dense-phase powder coating performance, use proprietary Nordson HDLV® (high-density powder, low-velocity air) pumping technology, Sure Coat® automatic, Prodigy® or the ALL NEW Prodigy HDLV Generation II manual powder coating spray guns in the ColorMax3 system for maximum flexibility and fast color change with unsurpassed coating efficiency and performance.
  • Innovative booth design assures fast color changes without entering the booth.
  • Dense-phase HDLV technology continuously returns powder back to feed center for peak recovery efficiency.
  • Open-face canopy design and external manual touch-up stations improve first-pass transfer efficiency.
  • Single extract plenum reduces contamination risk.
  • Modular booth construction allows flexible layout.

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The Nordson ColorMax® engineered powder coating and recovery system delivers quick 10 to 15 minute color changes with high system efficiency, optimum airflow and maximum powder usage to meet lean manufacturing system environments.
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