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A4B Airless

A4B Airless

A4B Airless
Model A4B Airless Manual Spray Gun

The Nordson model A4B manual spray gun is lightweight, rugged and dependable for ease of operation and long service life in manual airless painting operations. It is available in a noncirculating version for cold airless painting and a circulating version for use in high-performance heated airless painting. Stainless -steel models are available for highly corrosive materials or special applications.Lightweight, durable forged aluminum body ensures operator comfort and long service life

Forward-position swivel fluid inlet on standard gun provides exceptional balance and optimum maneuverability
Responsive "easy-pull" trigger provides maximum sensitivity and control for effective painting of hard-to-reach areas
Interchangeable internal parts allow flexibility for use in circulating or noncirculating systems
Convenient trigger safety and intregral fluid diffuser promotes safe operation


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